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Poor Credit Loans

Poor Credit Loans from the Oyster Loan is one stop realistic situation, which is going to help you and prove useful to your financial needs. We follow the logical lending strategies, proving useful to meet your routine requirements.

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Short Term Loans

If you have the short term needs, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to fulfil your needs, let the short term loans from Oyster Loan be your starting point. The loans will make ultimate difference in your life, and keep you financially stable.

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Installment Loans

Installment loan is an ideal choice when you need quick and extra cash, while all other options are going off the place. Our lending choice is just exceptional and aims at engaging the people who are in need of the personal loans

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Exciting offers on Bad
Credit Short Term
Loans Available

Online credit lending company with credible service level agreements offer instalment loans, bad credit loans and short term loans. The loan disbursal rates are easy and streamlined.

Oyster Loan is a trustworthy online credit lender in the UK, offering efficient and exciting deals on poor credit loans, installment loans and short term loans to accomplish various purposes of the borrowers. We are always committed to give maximum satisfaction as well as appreciation to our prospective customers and thus, we don’t follow cumbersome application procedure. We have bespoke and flexi low interest rates.

Oyster Loan is an ideal market place in the UK, lending prompt and proper financial assistance to the borrowers. We aim for feasible monetary aid to our customer through our various loan options. We have a team of professional loan advisers who guide people with suitable financial suggestions.

We assist prospective borrowers, who show up poor credit history or less than perfect credit score. In case your credit score is low or your credit file shows old, unsettled debts, there is nothing to worry.

At Oyster Loan, our exclusive deals on poor credit loans are designed to give advantage to borrowers to have regular flow of funds. We provide these loans at competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. The loan is disbursed quickly into registered bank account of the credit lender.

At Oyster Loan, we have exciting offers on installment loans. Sometimes, you need an urgent flow of money but need more time. You are always welcome to give us an opportunity to serve your purpose. We have helped hundreds of borrowers with the real time credit lending, and ensuring adequate financial assistance will help to meet your ends.

For receiving immediate funds, we have designed customised offers on short term loans. Our loan application process is really simple and time efficient. The prospective borrower needs to submit their online request for short term loans by filling out the secure application.


Representative APR Example: Borrow £1000 and pay £96.51 per month for 12 months with a fixed interest rate of 18.49% per year. Extra expenses for procuring loan is £50. The total interest for loan is £158.11. The Total Repayable is £1158.11. Representative APR is 28.0062%.